Monday, May 23, 2016

It has come to my attention that Dr. Bruce has apparently passed away.

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New Pennsylvania organization created as the reservoir for Pittsburgh's past, present and future contributions to jazz!
This site is under development but we have many already contributed Pittsburgh Jazz videos on Youtube:

Earthly Pittsburgh Goal

Lately I, Francis Bruce Marion, have been encouraged by fellow musicians to make a clear statement about the Pittsburgh Jazz Artist Museum Organization (, its purposes, and my past experiences that motivate me to save and promote the music I experience, love and sometimes even participate in.

The most important lesson of my life prior to my February 26, 1986 motor vehicle accident traumatic brain injury and subsequent 30+ day coma ( just prior to my 34th April 3rd birthday) was “There's no such thing as a mistake....especially when you play it twice.” perceive the new music vista your experiencing ! I clearly remembered Mickey Gentily giving me that insight!! Mickey was a fabulous pianist in his late sixties who was my Jazz music teacher at Sierra Nevada College on the Nevada edge of Lake Tahoe . My coma had erased my memory of Momma and Daddy, my teenage trumpet playing years but left me with that great feelings of discovering new melodic experiences on the piano. The feeling of timelessness of the Now is infinite when you're in the free fall of exploring Jazz and are just discovering opening your melodic wings to feel the lift of the music.

Eighteen years ago at the Sun Ra Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra concert in Homestead I got inspired to overcome my memory problems from the brain injury through experiencing more local jazz. I eventually started recording local jazz on my VHS camera to inspire more improvisation in my own life.

The refreshing elements of jazz and all forms of music are prayer dances similar to our ancient ancestors twirling around the fire in hopefulness, excitement and celebration. Life with music is the prayer that God does hear!

So, once again, I'm asking (similar to our Atlantian ancestors who probably felt each other's thoughts without the necessity of language) let us create a Pittsburgh JAM (Jam Artist Museum) that easily spreads the prayer our souls are naturally creating mutually harmonizing paths for our fellow humans and their resonance with music and timelessness.

Please enlist in this internet attempt to resonate to the higher levels of life by contributing copies of your music and/or putting your e-mail address on our mailing list for other friends to explore!


Francis Bruce Marion

What do you have to contribute to The Pittsburgh Jazz Artist Museum Organization?